Paperboard is becoming widely used in the world of sustainable packaging. Paperboard products play a crucial role in our lives and come in a variety of forms. They help us keep food fresh and products safe, can be reused in many ways, and provide numerous unique options for packaging products. Recycled paperboard and packaging solutions also help enhance your brand image and sales. 

How Recycled Paperboard and Packaging Solutions Can Help Your Business

More and more businesses are moving away from using plastic to package their products. Data from the Paper & Packaging Board’s 2019 Campaign Impact Report tells us 69% of consumers prefer paper-based product packaging to packaging made from plastic. This audience and these results are valuable to your business because the consumers who are enthusiastic about paper-based packaging products also wield enhanced buying power, according to the report. Beyond appealing to the growing consumer audience who favors products that are packaged in paperboard solutions, here are some additional ways recycled paperboard packaging can help your business and make life a whole lot better. 

It Reduces Waste

Recycled paperboard is made from recycled paper. So not only does it originate from recycled material, but it can also be repurposed and recycled again once you are done with it. 

It Has Changed the Way Goods are Shipped

Paperboard, especially corrugated products, are great for shipping. They are lightweight, economical, recyclable, and easy to produce. These products drastically reduce the cost to ship and are easy to assemble – they also keep all goods that are being shipped safe. Paperboard has been used for shipping goods for over one hundred years – though it’s always a good reminder of how efficient it is for shipping!

It Keeps Food Fresh and Safe

New paperboard products with unique surface treatments are highly used for food packaging. It’s commonly used for juice boxes and other beverages, dry foods, and even refrigerated or frozen foods. Carrier board, in particular, has wet strength and is great for freezer food packaging. Paperboard keeps food safe and fresh and appeals to consumers who love to recycle their product packaging.

It Appeals to Consumers 

Once you start packaging your products with recyclable materials, you will appeal to the growing consumer base who prefer goods that are packaged in paper products as opposed to plastic. Paperboard not only works to keep goods safe and food fresh but it also is a form of marketing for your business. Once you start using recyclable materials and packaging in your business, you will be able to add that perk to all your marketing materials and packaged goods – which will pique the interest of more and more consumers in your products and sustainability efforts. Not to mention, reducing the islands of plastic that are floating in our oceans. 

Go With Paperboard 

There are numerous reasons why making the switch to paperboard is beneficial to your business now and in the long run. So if you haven’t already, make the switch to using paper products and paperboard packaging solutions to make a difference in your business and around our world.