The Importance of Sustainable Packaging During a Pandemic (…and All the Time)

With the majority of the population trying their best to stay home as much as possible during this unprecedented time, it’s no question that online sales have grown exponentially. But just how much have they grown? According to Adobe Analytics, U.S. online sales for September increased 43% year over year, equating to $60.4 billion. These numbers are only expected to increase with the rapidly approaching holiday season. With all of these online purchases, there is an obvious increase in the use of packaging to send and deliver goods. Now more than ever it’s important to be using sustainable packaging options for multiple reasons.

Sustainable Packaging is Increasingly Important to Consumers

When an end consumer receives an online order, their very first physical interaction with a brand is the packaging their order comes in. While there are many factors involved in this first impression like size, design, marketing materials, and more, another major […]

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The Value of Recycled Paperboard

Paperboard is becoming widely used in the world of sustainable packaging. Paperboard products play a crucial role in our lives and come in a variety of forms. They help us keep food fresh and products safe, can be reused in many ways, and provide numerous unique options for packaging products. Recycled paperboard and packaging solutions also help enhance your brand image and sales. 

How Recycled Paperboard and Packaging Solutions Can Help Your Business

More and more businesses are moving away from using plastic to package their products. Data from the Paper & Packaging Board’s 2019 Campaign Impact Report tells us 69% of consumers prefer paper-based product packaging to packaging made from plastic. This audience and these results are valuable to your business because the consumers who are enthusiastic about paper-based packaging products also wield enhanced buying power, according to the report. Beyond appealing to the growing consumer audience who favors products […]

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